Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s important that we keep the Emergency Channel as clear by posting as little as possible in there.

We don’t want to lose any important posts in the noise of many updates.

The Green Icon represents the Community Chat Channel.

Green means you’re all clear to post! 

The conversation is wide-ranging and all about engaging with your fellow Villagers.

The Amber Icon is for the Warning Channel.

This is not for chat.

It's a place to post non-life threatening warnings and follow-ups from the Emergency Channel.

The Red Icon is for the Emergency Channel.

Only post the very highest priority things in here.

Red means be careful.

Remember, most people have notifications enabled on the Red & Amber Channels which means every single post alerts them with a loud sound and probably a pop-up too.

If we want people to stick around and use this, we must ensure it’s not annoying!

You can invite them to the SOS Alert Chat Channel, but we need all new users to join the Warnings & Emergency Channels via the Website.


The website allows us to explain what SOS Alert is and how it works. It explains the terms and conditions and the rules we have to ensure everything runs smoothly.

It’s also super-important that everyone has read and agreed to the legal disclaimer. That’s not only to protect us – but also every other user of the service.

Everyone needs to agree that this service is not a replacement for official Emergency Services or Information Sources. They also need to understand and agree that everything is “best-effort” and that no one bears any obligations or responsibilities.

It seems over the top, but in today’s litigious world, it’s really important everyone understands and agrees that we’re all in this together but that at the end of the day we’re all just everyday folk trying to look out for each other.

We’d like to see SOS Alert rolled out to other Communities.

We know how well it works in Roleystone / Araluen / Karragullen / Martin area - so we'd like to see other Communities have access to it as well.

Obviously things will be locked down to specific areas so each location isn't swamped with irrelevant information.

But the plan is to grow this thing as everyone deserves the best info as fast as it can be supplied

True Community. Leveraging the Internet.