OK, Let's Do this thing


Now that you have Telegram installed, all you need to do is click the following three links.
Each button joins you to the appropriate channel, so this is a really important bit to get right.

Don't forget that you need to come back to this page each time so you can activate ALL 3 channels!

Chat Channel (Green)

This is where the community chat happens.

Click the button and join the conversation.  

Feel free to ask questions as there’s loads of settings that can be changed to suit your preferences.

If you only want alerts and you don’t care for Community Engagement, you can avoid this Channel.

Warnings Channel (Amber)

This channel is for non-life threatening events and follow up conversations from the Emergency Channel.

It is not a general chat channel and should only be used for relevant information as there are many users who have notifications set and every posting here  sends them an alert.

Emergency Channel (Red)

This is where Emergency Alerts are posted. 

Please DO NOT post ANYTHING other than emergencies here.

Most users have ALL posts in here configured to play a loud alarm, so please use it as intended or you’ll upset a lot of people!


All done? Excellent! Welcome aboard.
Now, click the button and lets make everything ok!